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Chula Vista, CA
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Mike Bristow has over 25 years experience making sure computers perform like they should. I have taken care of up to 90 computers daily as the IT person (along with Engineering and Project Manager experience) at a large Architectural Millwork company. This construction background can come in very handy for some of our Customers. In addition hundreds of family, friends, and Customer's computers have been supported and repaired by me over the years. If your computer is running slowly, locking up, or just has issues then you could benefit from a tune-up. Like changing the oil in your car, our Complete Tune-Up will assure your computer will continue running great even if you don't see any symptoms of a problem today.

We also offer maintainence service plans for your Home and/or Business systems from 1 to 20+ workstations. Computers receive maintenence tune-ups at any duration schedule that fits your needs. Repairs can also be made in the greater San Diego area.

"My goal is to take steps today to fix problems today, before they end up ruining your day tomorrow. I feel you should always be able to use your computer without a problem. Every computer is different, and yours will get the unique treatment it deserves. I don't just install auto-repair software (which can cause it's own problems) to do the work. I take each computer issue personally and treat it as if it were one of my own. Have a computer problem? Or just don't want to have a problem? Bristow Solutions offers you the best personalized care around!"
- Mike Bristow
Senior Developer

Johnie Bristow is a Senior Developer with over 25 years of experience in the Software Development and Financial Services Industry. His experience includes current development technologies such as .NET - VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, AJAX, with extensive SQL Server development experience.

In his professional career, he has worked in various capacities on major projects with clients such as Allstate Insurance; American General Finance; Universal Underwriters; and U.S. Life Insurance. He has served as Senior Developer; Project Technical Lead; IT Project Manager; and New Systems Manager for various employers and has been recognized for his outstanding achievements throughout his career. As a consultant, Mr. Bristow has delivered solutions to clients - across a broad spectrum of businesses - that improved the company's bottom-line through efficiency gains in business workflow and reduced overall costs associated with manual processes and poorly conceived business procedures.

"Technology is a powerful tool for any business if applied correctly. A successful solution will see a return on investment in minimal time. However, if applied incorrectly a company will be saddled with technical debt and will never realize the return it expects. I work with the client from start to finish, and am there to support the solution long term. It is important that we remain partners so that we both see the seeds of the technical investment grow into a real return on investment for the company."
- Johnie Bristow

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